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txt-time_to_playIT’STIMETO It's Time To Play!

Baseball, it’s America’s favorite pastime. And we believe every kid should have access to the fun and friendship that comes with it. That’s why we decided to start South Jersey Field of Dreams in 2002 — a place where any child or adult, regardless of ability, could play ball and score big.

With every aspect of the park fully handicap accessible and wheelchair compatible, all physically and mentally-disabled children and adults can join in the fun!

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I like to hit the ball and run the bases

Time To Hit The Field

Welcome To Hackett Park

Baseball is my happy place


Do you have to be good at baseball to play?

Nope, just ready to play!

How much does it cost?

Participation is free and open to kids 5 years and up.

What if I’m not sure I’ll like it?

The games are all in good fun. If you decide not to continue, that’s okay too!

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